Holiday Support Group

Are you dreading holiday gatherings filled with sweet treats and not-so-sweet diet/body talk? This season, treat yourself to a supportive group of individuals ready to lift each other up and tear down diet culture.

What is it: A nurturing space that upholds values of inclusivity, HAES, and anti-racism where people can share their challenges surrounding body and diet talk around the holidays. 

What it is not: An alternative for medical or therapeutic treatment for any health condition, mental or physical. This group is meant to be in addition to support of your medical and therapy team. Counseling for specific/individualized nutrition needs will not be offered. (Please email to inquire about 1:1 nutrition or body image support)

Where is it: Virtual via Zoom from the comfort of your home.

When is it: Sundays from 7-8:30pm CT from November 15th to December 20th.


Lindsay Midura, Eating Disorders RD and yoga instructor

“Diet and body talk can be so rampant during the holidays and brings unnecessary suffering during a time of year that should be more about connection, to our families and to our values. I look forward to cultivating a safe space with you, where we can build connection and reclaim the true reason for the holiday season. ” – RD Lindsay

Abbie Scott, Eating Disorders RD and yoga instructor

“One of my absolute favorite parts of being a dietitian is facilitating group discussions. I’m always inspired by the strength I get to witness when clients are vulnerable together and learn from one another’s story.  I’m so honored to be a part of this group over the holiday season and walk alongside you, no matter where you are in your recovery journey!” – RD Abbie

Alison Swenson, MS, Eating Disorders RD

“I am excited to be a part of this group because I want people to have a safe space to relate with one another and not feel alone. I want to offer support around challenges we face with food and body talk on a daily basis and especially during the holidays.” – RD Alison

How much does it cost: A donation of $15 per meeting ($90 total). This will be the gift that keeps on giving! All proceeds will be donated to Black-owned healthcare businesses and towards nutrition counseling scholarships for those with marginalized identities at All Ways Worthy LLC. 

Format of the group: Each session will be tailored to what the group’s biggest questions or challenges are. We’ll share our experiences of what our biggest challenges are around the holidays, self care, mindfulness and intuitive eating. A flexible topic or theme will be provided each week.

Save your spot today! Email to sign up!